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Synopsis: A homeless man is mysteriously abducted. A journal is left on the edge of a New York City subway platform, filled with stories about a world that doesn't exist. Not far from here a scientist dedicated to the Formula Media Corporation is murdered in cold blood. The only clues are his burned down lab, a magnetically propelled motorcycle, and a special pair of lenses that allow a young boy to circumvent the deceptions broadcasted from the ubiquitous Central Lens Network. 

"In a style that echoes back to the Dark Age of Comics when graphic novels were coming into an art form of their own, "Myopia” merges science fiction with noir steampunk into a thrilling alternative reality, where government and big business use entertainment devices to cover up a new authoritarian landscape."


"If the dystopian government element sounds familiar, Dent is aware. His take on the future culls from hints of some of the best, including Minority Report. And with the world becoming a place that seems ever-darker, Myopia offers two important gifts to its readers: hope–a sense of being able to fight for the moral and ethical–and relatability."   —  The Opiate Magazine


"It is a marvelously paced story, as well, keeping the reader on their toes from the first page to the last. I had to read the first few pages over again, in fact, to make sure I hadn’t missed anything; by the end, you will be left both breathless and dazzled."  — The Sonder Review


"Tell us if you've got both eyes focused on this fresh-faced steampunk follow-up from Dynamite." -- Jeff Spry,


"A virus has been planted in mysterious domes located at the Earth’s magnetic poles. The government continues to work to decode the virus, while the main characters, Molly and Matthew, face betrayal and other dangers. " -- Publishers Weekly

Myopia Graphic Novel Signed by Author

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    Rating: Teen +

    Cover: Ronislon Freire

    Writer: Richard Dent

    Art: Ronilson Freire & Patrick Berkenkotter 

    Genre: Steampunk, Thriller, Dystopian

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